Wiseman Editing


Wiseman Editing offers three primary editing services. Not exactly sure what you need? Kelsey is friendly and helpful, just send her an email and she’ll be happy to provide recommendations

1.1 Developmental Editing

$65 per hour

A detailed overview of the text to ensure that your story flows well, that it isn’t chock full of plot holes, and that your characters are not all Mary Sues. This type of edit includes a style sheet¹ in order to maintain consistency throughout the work.

- When is this service right for you?

A developmental editor can be brought in at any point during the writing process, even before the writing has begun.

1.2 Copy Editing

$50 per hour

A look at the nitty-gritty of the text, style, and punctuation in order to make sure you aren’t forgetting an essential oxford comma or creating unnecessarily awkward phrases.

- When is this service right for you?

The content of your text is more or less complete and you’re ready to give it a good polish.

1.3 Proofing

1¢ per word²

A metaphorical microscopy. A look at each word individually so you don’t say best “smeller” when you meant to say best “seller.

- When is this service right for you?

Your text is complete and you just need a final check for errors and typos.

Estimates are provided free of charge and are based on factors including: length, complexity, genre, current state of the text, and any applicable research.