Wiseman Editing


The following selection of third party peer reviews—written by clients, former and current—is provided to assure the quality, competence, and reliability of Wiseman Editing.

I say this with no aggrandizement and no hyperbole: the quality of work Kelsey produced was staggering. Not only did she do as any editor would do (correcting punctuation and grammar) but she also helped me to clarify content in a way that truly helped me to write bridges for those mental gaps I so easily could leap but for which the reader would be left in confusion. As this was also a work in progress, she helped to keep me on schedule with reminders and encouragement that helped to motivate me when I was just about ready to chuck the word processor out the window.

Jaenelle Dorrin

Author of “Rosebound”

Kelsey has an ability to make very specific comments about very specific aspects of my writing while keeping the whole piece in mind. She’s perfectly capable of pointing out a sentence that is awkwardly worded, and pointing out that the awkwardness comes from the fact that I’m cramming in information that belongs in a different scene and different character’s mouth. My novel would not be what it is without her.

Kai Samuelsen

Kelsey took my sleep deprived and shakily written essays and ripped them apart until they were a pristine piece of work that allowed what I was truly trying to say come through. Her edits are always straight and to the point, with the added bonus of a humorous quip to soften the blow to how unbelievably you misinterpreted how to use the English written language. To this day, I have her edit everything that I write that has any possibility of seeing the light of day, she’s just that good.

Kerry Bollinger

University of Puget Sound 2011

Kelsey Wiseman’s attention to detail, and especially helping to keep the message consistent through one voice, was integral to making my book better. She checked things like grammar and punctuation, but her value was on a much larger scale. […] This was an unusual project in that it was 350-plus one liners from the point of view of a dog—and with Kelsey’s help, the dog’s message came through loud and clear.

Connie Anderson

Author of “In My Next Life, I Want to be My Dog”

My previous experiences with editing have been: A.) ripping my work to shreds with pure unadulterated criticism nothing constructive about it or B.) no criticisms at all, because apparently I’m perfect! Kelsey Wiseman’s editing was invaluable. She pointed out every little thing that could be improved WITH suggestions on how to correct it. I didn’t have to spend hours rewriting trying to fix my mistakes or time re-editing trying to find missed problems. I’m so glad I asked for her help!

Clarissa Onley Lunt